is a mobile location-based AR shopping platform, combining experiences with convenience for shoppers, merging physical and digital worlds for businesses.

We use Augmented Reality and many others technologies (Computer vision, machine learning, GPS, 3D computing, etc) to achieve our mission: anchoring content and experiences to places and products. This allows us to inform, guide and reduce users’ efforts while creating a fun, entertaining and social experience.

We vision a world where personal and environment data will work together to make our physical world personalised, context aware and endlessly different.

We are organised around agile principles. 2 weeks retro, review, etc…
We’re a tech company with human values (robots haven’t taken over yet)


(dojo, 2 people per story, self learning, etc). Objective: T shape people (breadth and depth)


No one is blamed, but everyone is. So everyone takes care of his/her teammates to make sure the entire team makes progress.


Everyone can write stories, everyone can try to convince PO to change the sprints, etc Bonuses at the end of the year for those who contributed the most!

Concretely in the office:

- Flat management, minimum a 1-2-1 meeting with founders every quarter to make sure you progress as fast as the company does!
- Co-working space with young and ambitious environment Snacks, paid by the company or the late comers!
- Fancy birthday cakes
- Monthly team building to relax and play
- Normally 965, sometimes 995, barely 996
- 10 days annual leave (double that China regulations)

Working in Coolhobo is never boring! If anyone has new ideas, just say it and discuss it together, as we are a team. That’s why our tech stack is growing so fast!

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