Consumers buy one of the top three beer brands an average of only 3.0 times a year. This data highlights shoppers' low engagement with brands, even at a time when e-commerce makes products readily available for purchase.

- Bain & Company

Experience the Magic

Stand out of the crowd, enlighten and engage with your consumers with unforgettable experiences


Tech savvy Chinese Millennials have access to million products at their fingertips, with hundreds commercial messages exhausting them every day. Creating an engaging experience, providing them with values such as belonging, entertainment, fun or information is the only way to stand out in this highly competitive market.


Traditional marketing is ineffective and ROI often extremely difficult to measure, as purchases don't take place at the same time or location. We give our partners the chance to measure their marketing efforts when it matters, i.e. when consumers are facing their products or services.

Increase loyalty

Market penetration, repurchase frequency and engagement are very low in FMCG industry. Today’s success won’t predict tomorrow’s results. We are designing experiences using game play design that pushes users to come back, increasing their loyalty and rewarding them for their trust.

Cool ROI Features

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Business Verticals

Packaged Food


Soft Drinks

Fresh Food

Personal Care

By offering engaging AR experiences, brands can convert consumers and increase loyalty to stand out in Chinese highly competitive market.

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