Consumers buy one of the top three beer brands an average of only 3.0 times a year. This data highlights shoppers' low engagement with brands, even at a time when e-commerce makes products readily available for purchase.

- Bain & Company

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Stand out of the crowd, enlighten and engage with your consumers with unforgettable experiences

Engage consumers

By engaging consumers, existing or new ones, with endlessly new experiences, brands create a deeper emotion connection. Studies showed that consumers are barely able to mention more than 2-3 brands in the FMCG / CPG category despite US$ 225 billion dollars spend on advertising in 2018. Brands can now create captivating experiences using physical products and make them collide with the digital world.

Understand to convert

By understanding what drives consumers to make their purchasing decision and being able to communicate brands’ strengths when they face the products (either when they scan it or walk nearby it), brands can measure and adapt their marketing efforts. Moreover, the can push personalised content and offers to increase their conversion rates.

Increase loyalty

Market penetration, repurchase frequency and engagement are very low in FMCG industry. Today’s success won’t predict tomorrow’s results. We are designing experiences using game play design that pushes users to come back, increasing their loyalty and rewarding them for their trust. This advergaming model has a very powerful emotional effect on consumers and directly impact their loyalty.

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By offering engaging AR experiences, brands can convert consumers and increase loyalty to stand out in Chinese highly competitive market.

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