When bricks become clicks

-How to attract more visitor?

-How to deliver memorable experience?

-How to build a new digital platform to compete against competitors?

Experience the Magic

Turn your physical space into a 3D digital copy(also called the AR cloud, spatial web or soft copy of the world). This new digital infrastructure will be used to develop new services and experiences, only available at the venue.

Attract more visitors

By fulfilling visitors’ hunger for new experiences with constant novelty, places are able to create a new engagement that brings visitors back.

Build emotional connections

People associate emotions with places: AR, as a bridge between reality and virtuality, creates a deep emotion connection between visitors and places.

Build your technological edge

AR being anchored to a physical place, it’s time to leverage it beyond traditional business models and metrics: turn each m² into clicks, views and shares.

How it Works

First, the physical space is 3D mapped (can be done with a single mobile phone RBG camera). We extract billion points from this map (called feature points) and store them on the cloud to reconstruct a 3D digital copy of the space. Simply by opening their cameras, users can locate themselves in space and SLAM technologies (ARkit and ARcore) will help delivering various AR services and experiences. Worth noticing, every time a user launches the AR mode, the 3D map is automatically updated to avoid any manual work.

AR Mode

AR cloud used to develop new features

AR wayfinder and navigation

Large scale AR games

Multiplayer AR experiences

Personalised information

People and product insights

Persistent AR content

New advertising format anchoring ads in the physical space

Business Verticals

Shoppings malls

Stores & shops


Exhibition halls


Restaurants, coffees & bars

Other venues

Tech partners