In 2017, Alibaba increased sales by 56%, by 43.6%, while overall sales for the top 50 Chinese retailers decreased by 0.5%

- South China Morning Post

Experience the Magic

Understand your shoppers to deliver them better experiences and increase your revenue

Understand Shoppers

In-store observations, face-to-face interviews with shoppers are reaching their limits when it comes to understand shoppers’ behaviors. E-commerce has a major advantage over physical retailers: users leave their IP address after every action they undertake. We allow physical retailers to collect the same data by turning a physical location into a real-time 3D map.

Enhance Shoppers Experience

Augmenting stores, products and lifestyle is how we enhance shoppers experience. Traditional retailers possess a critical element of value, sensory appeal. We add functional, emotional and life changing values by bringing guidance, knowledge and lifestyle (fun, entertainment but also sense of belonging and trust) to their shoppers in order to deliver more value.

Sell More

Retailers can fight back using the same tools that eCommerce players have been so successfully using, profiling and targeting user with personalized offers, ultimately to increase revenue. As some of our founders are coming from retail industry, we understand the raison d'être of stores: generating more sales.

How it Works

The more users use AR, the more accurate becomes the 3D map of the physical store, allowing retailers to use analytic tools that we are offering as part of our SAAS solution.

AR Mode
Analytic Mode

Cool Analytics features to Fight Back

Store Paths

Heat Maps

Product Popularity

Conversation Rates

Content Popularity

User Profiles

By offering engaging AR experiences, brands can convert consumers and increase loyalty by standing out in China's highly competitive market.

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