In 2017, Alibaba increased sales by 56%, by 43.6%, while overall sales for the top 50 Chinese retailers decreased by 0.5%

- South China Morning Post

Experience the Magic

Understand your shoppers to deliver them better experiences and increase your revenue

Enhance shoppers’ experience

By bringing the advantages of eCommerce to retail stores (product information, consumer reviews, personalised recommandations) while creating constantly new large-scale AR experiences, shoppers can enjoy the best of online and offline. With augmented stores, products and lifestyle, retailers can increase both functional and emotional values delivered to their consumers.

Analyze with data

Contrary to digital businesses, brick-and-mortar ones have difficulties to measure marketing campaigns, the impact of merchandising decisions and the optimal store layout. While shoppers are using AR in store, they create billions of feature points about their physical actions (scanning products, navigating, sharing experiences) that we analysed to offer retailers store&consumer insights.

Personalized to sell more

The magic of AR lies in the fact every shopper can experience a different store, a unique merchandising and receive personalised offers. The core of our technology calls on the mobile phone camera which connects the physical spaces & products with digital information gathered from the user. This allows retailers to push specific offers when consumers are the most likely to buy a product.

How it Works

The more users use AR, the more accurate becomes the 3D map of the physical store, allowing retailers to use analytic tools that we are offering as part of our SAAS solution.

AR Mode
Analytic Mode

Cool Analytics features to Fight Back

Store Paths

Heat Maps

Product Popularity

Conversation Rates

Content Popularity

User Profiles

Through our dashboard, retailers can understand in real time what is happening in their stores.

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